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$1200 Utah Cow Elk Landowner Voucher

$1200 Utah Cow Elk Landowner Voucher


$100 to reserve(contributes to 50% deposit) To reserve put $100 down and I will get with you within 3 business days to finalize your hunt and take the remainder of your 50% deposit. These vouchers allow you to hunt this year! Giving you access to thousands of acres of public and private lands. This hunt will take place in August or early September. Hunters are allowed 5 days on the private and up to 10 on the public.  Every hunter will see elk, most likely daily, as long as they follow the instructions I give them. This private land is spread out in tracts of several hundred acres, throughout the valley, which allows hunters to utilize almost any of the public land as well as the private land. I have seen elk on multiple occasions in several of the fields as well as on some of the more mountainous peices of land. To be successful, you will need to utilize both the private and public ground. There are several thousand acres of private land to hunt. To book simply put $100 down and then I will reach out within 3 business days to take the remainder of the 50% deposit to finalize your hunt.

  • Tag Disclaimer

    The product you are paying for is a voucher that guarantees a tag. Hunters will still be responsible for paying any associated state license and t