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$3650, Idaho Wilderness Mule Deer 2023

$3650, Idaho Wilderness Mule Deer 2023


$100 to reserve(contributes to 50% deposit) To reserve put $100 down and I will get with you within 3 business days to finalize your hunt and take the remainder of your 50% deposit. This is 7 day hunt with a full 5 days of hunting, primarily off of horses. If you book a hunt you are guaranteed a tag. This hunt takes place in a wilderness unit in the latter half of september when the deer have not been shot at for a year. Shot opportunities usually run 80% or more. That being said, once the guide gets you in front of a deer, it is completely up to you and your skill set. Canyons can be large and the country is vast. Being prepared to shoot out to 400 yards ethically, dramatically increases your chance of harvesting. Add $300 to go on a rut hunt. Can be paired with an elk hunt.

  • Tags and Fees

    License and tag fees are doe to the outfitter no later than May 31st of the calender year taht the hunt is scheduled. All remaining balances for the guided hunt itself are due no later than August 1st of the calender year the hunt is booked for.Hunters are responsible for all associated tag and license fees plus 6% sales tax:

    Non-Resident License- $185

    Non-Resident Elk- $651.75

    Non-resident Deer-$351.75