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$2450 Spring or Fall Black Bear Hunt 2022 or 2023

$2450 Spring or Fall Black Bear Hunt 2022 or 2023


$100 to reserve(contributes to 50% deposit) To reserve put $100 down and I will get with you within 3 business days to finalize your hunt and take the remainder of your 50% deposit. This hunt takes place in central Idaho over bait. In a unit with healthy bear populations that allow for the purchasing of two bear tags, with the second being at a discounted price. This is a 6 day hunt with 5 full days of hunting. The mornings can be spent spot and stalk hunting bear, or being lazy and sleeping in. Hunters can expect 80 to 100% shot oppurtunity, though some still miss even from close ranges. Spring bear hunts take place in May and June, and fall bear hunts take place in early september. Youth hunts are available at half price with accomanying adult!

  • Tag Costs

    Hunters are responsible for the costs of paying for their own tags and license. Wich is:

    Idaho Non-Resident License- $185

    Idaho Non-Resident Bear- $231.75 (1st bear)

    Idaho Non-Resident 2nd bear- $41.75