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$1400 Southwest Desert Utah Cow Elk Voucher

$1400 Southwest Desert Utah Cow Elk Voucher


$100 to reserve(contributes to 50% deposit) To reserve put $100 down and I will get with you within 3 business days to finalize your hunt and take the remainder of your 50% deposit. This is one of the best cow elk vouchers you could get in Utah. Seasons usually run from Agust clear through the end of January. Giving hunters rediculous amounts of hunting time. High elk populations, and nearly 5000 acres of private land as well as nearly 100,000 acres of leased public land allow for high success rates and for you to use the majority of the unit.  Hunters are allowed 5 days of hunting on the private grounds and unlimited on the public. To book simply put $100 down over the website and I will get to you within 3 business days to take the rest of the 50% deposit and help finalize your hunt.

  • Tag Disclaimer

    The product you are paying for is a voucher that guarantees a tag. Hunters will still be responsible for paying any associated state license and tag fees. Which are currently:

    Nonresident Hunting License $72

    Nonresident CWMU Buck Deer License $398

    Nonresident Cow Elk $318

    Nonresident Doe Deer/Antelope $107

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