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$23,000 Leopard Hunt

$23,000 Leopard Hunt


$100 to reserve(contributes to 50% deposit) To reserve put $100 down and I will get with you within 3 business days to finalize your hunt and take the remainder of your 50% deposit.Hunt one of the most illusive animals in Africa. This 14 day hunt includes pickup from the airport, 14 days of comfortable occomodations, all food and drinks. As well as 3 baboons or Impala for bait, and all the permits needed for the hunt. Trips to Africa are best in April through August as it is winter in Africa at that time.To book simply put $100 down and I will get with you within 3 business days to take the remainder of the 50% deposit and help you finalize your hunt.

  • Traveling to Africa

    Many people dream of going to Africa, and believe it is never a possibility. When in reality you can hunt multiple animals in Africa for the price of one Western hunt. Generally speaking it is best to fly to New York and then Fly to South Africa. Most flights are just over $1000 round trip form New York to Africa. Making the total cost around $1200 to $1500 to fly to South Africa and back. Its safest to be picked up from the airport by your safari guide. Most offer this service included with the cost of a safari. Getting weapons into Africa is also fairly simple. Your safari guide will help you obtain a permit at the airport upon landing and you will be off to the races. It is recomended that you only use a very trustworthy taxedermist in Africa or have your trophies dipped and shipped back to your local taxedermist to handle. 

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